Can You Run Your Livestock Business from an iPhone? iPhone applications for business are expanding at a mind-boggling pace. You can manage payrolls, bank accounts, transactions, appointments, and more. But does it make sense to move almost all your business operations to an iPhone? "I've tried several of the apps available and iCattleMgr is the best", Steve Scott executive member of National Cattlemen's Beef Association... "Yeah, I think I'm gonna get an IPad now, you tipped the scales". Says @BlueBull While the economy limps along, Chris Walters cattle business in west Texas is enjoying unprecedented success. Business at Chris's ranch is up 40% since he and his hands started using a this new productivity tool earlier this year. Moving much of his day to day operations to iCattleMgrPro with iPhones and iPads has transformed his operation, says Walters. “It has really set us apart locally, set us light years ahead of other ranches in the area,’’ Walters says. “It has changed everything. I’ve been able to hire extra hands and expand the herd.” Business applications for iPhones are expanding at a mind-boggling pace. You can manage your payroll, bank accounts, transactions, appointments, communications, and more from an appliance small enough to slip in a pocket. "The iPhone is ideal for working in the field, it small fits in your pocket and is extreamly powerful piece of equipment. It has the ability to take notes, record images, geographic coordanits and more.", Rob George president iSimpleTypeApp. We spend alot of time working with ranchers to get the app tuned to gettting things done quickly and accurately, quick events for example allows entrty of canned events. This saves time taking important notes that might not get recorded otherwise. Putting mobility in new hands The ability to conduct business via the iPhone or a smartphone is bringing connectivity to the blue collar workforce — or at least the blue collar workers who toil from location to location, notes Tammy George, director of product marketing for iSimpleTypeApp, a software business company. “I’m always amazed at how often it’s the people who aren’t in the office setting who are using this stuff,’’ says George. “Now you can give a smartphone to an employee where it didn’t make sense to give them a computer. You have people who were before doing paper-based tasks and giving them a smartphone isn’t costing you as much as providing a computer and an Internet connection.” Performing so many business apps on iPhones and smartphones clearly works well if you’re not tethered to an office. George sees real estate agents, truck drivers, and construction supervisors taking advantage of the apps. So what are you going to do with that $500 smart phone in your pocket? Take a look at iLivestockMgr and see how you can set your business light years ahead.

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